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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'210 hp from a 4 liter V6 is on the low side'

- That's actually not too bad... what really pisses me off is the fact that the GT is only getting 300 hp with a V8 while Nissan is pumping out 300 with their V6's alone.... That totally sucks.....if that's the case then 300 hp from a V8 is even more on the low side than it is for 210 hp from a V6 being on the low side.
I agree with you on the low V8 power. I suppose that Nissan has many other cars that get higher gas mileage, while Ford has a lot of big trucks with lower gas mileage. So Nissan can tune to get the most out of their engine, while Ford has to be more conservative so their fleet does not exceed whatever those gov't mileage standards are. Too bad for us! Another gov't intrusion into our free market economy!

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