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Like alot of V6ers I just could not afford $5,000 more at the time I bought my car, still can't with other bills to pay. If I had, surely I'd have gotten the GT, after all it's the top of the line stang. So I got the premium V6. It's my daily driver & I get passed by GTs from time to time but they only beat me to the next red light where I pull up right behind them. Don't mind being behind them cause I get to enjoy looking at their stang. Because of the timing of the lights and the short length between them it takes 40 min. to & from work. It would still take 40 min. with a GT. The only way to beat that is to run thru red lights & get tickets. So the horsepower doesn't play into it. I just enjoy the appearance & styling. I really love driving with the manual trans. That's what makes it fun & worth it for me.
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