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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
absolutely...they are holdin back but whereas a stock gt can run with the best of em and hold its own...a stock v6 cant...its really rather simple....not bein rude but just statin a fact...and i'm sorry kscoyote but 1750 even 15 years ago aint buyin ya a classic mustang any way ya slice least not one that runs anyway...i dont wanna burst ya bubble old timer...(then again....i really do)
and besides the wrx....which of the cars you mentioned comes standard stock with 300hp anyway? what are you makin this **** up as you go? alzheimers sux dont it....maybe you shouldnt even be drivin anymore coyote....somebody get this fella a scooter!!
I can pick up a 68 with issues now for 2500, adjusting for inflation, it's even cheaper.

You don't know much about cars do you?


1968 Ford Mustang
Description — $2,250, 1968 Mustang Coupe, AT, pwr steering, grn/grn, blk top, console, nds rest'd, $2,250 OBO. 816-918-3545


Listing Date: May 23, 2006

Listing Source: Kansas City Star

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Who said it ran well when I bought it?

Who cares how it runs, when you're gonna' modify it anyway? I put in a new engine, rebuilt the transmission, re-did the suspension, installed an aluminum driveshaft, and swapped the carb.


Stock, it was slower than the six I have now, so if you're gonna' talk about "American Muscle," get your facts straight, son.

The 99+ sixes are more muscular than the stock 289/302 * 390s of 1967/8 and every one from 1971-1986.


1) It's not whatcha' got in the modified world, -It's whacha' DO with it. Any idiot can buy a fast car. Rodders make a slow car fast -for FUN.

2) The man makes the car, not vice versa.
It's not whacha' got, it's whatcha' DO with it.

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