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now ya bein silly wolfpac...or maybe you just arent gettin the point....ya lost ya way....none of us down the v6 in general....just the ford v6 stock is pretty weak...go talk to johnny and he'll show ya what to do with it...are there v6's that can smoke a gt? gasp...of course there are...for gods sake look at the porsche...but YOURS cant smoke much of stock form...but racin is a lifestyle anyway....if you got the car strictly for the look then cool for plate says streetracer...the mustang gt is an awesome car...could be stronger sure but it damn sure gets the job done...and its too much fun to drive.....

i think i read a kscoyote quote that "its not whatcha got, its whatcha do with it" some dumb **** like that...his wife or his boyfriend probably tells him that to make him feel better in the sack when he trys to use his 4 inch wonder

the v6 mustang is a cool car...the v8 mustang is a awesome car
if you wanna save money...get the v6

its like pickin great adventure over disney world
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