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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'now ya bein silly wolfpac...or maybe you just arent gettin the point....ya lost ya way....'

- No, I'm just pissed off that ford's V8 is just as weak as Infinit's bets V6..... I think I have a valid reason to be pissed off. The Mustang name is legendery and you're telling me it can only 'run' with the best and not blow the best out of the water? Ridiculous!

'none of us down the v6 in general....'

- I didn't say you were. I'm just pissed off that the V8 isn't stronger, that's all.

'just the ford v6 stock is pretty weak...'

- Yeah it is but I'd be more upset of the fact that there are 4 cylinders out there that can pump out as much hp as Ford's V8. That's insane!

'are there v6's that can smoke a gt? gasp...of course there are...for gods sake look at the porsche...but YOURS cant smoke much of stock form...'

- Yeah but your V8 can ONLY beat V6's. You can't smoke them. That's what pisses me off.... Ford creates a V8 that can ONLY compete with high end V6's, not smoke them.....

'but racin is a lifestyle anyway....if you got the car strictly for the look then cool for plate says streetracer...the mustang gt is an awesome car...could be stronger sure but it damn sure gets the job done...and its too much fun to drive.....'

- Yeah it gets the job done.... barely.... but hey, if you can settle for barely then all the more power to you. If I had a V8 I'd want more, that's all. Hell, quite honestly I think it's good I got the V6. I'd be pissed if I bought the V8 and found out it can ONLY compete with a high end V6.

'some dumb **** like that...his wife or his boyfriend probably tells him that to make him feel better in the sack when he trys to use his 4 inch wonder'

- Dude, why are you getting so mad? You got your GT.... it's the car you like. So what if Infiniti's V6 is just as strong? It's your thing..... I'm just pissed because I expect more, that's all. If you're willing to settle for less that's your thing.... I just have higher expectations, that's all..... No need to get upset and start throwing insults at people. That's just being immature.....

I dont know where to start on a post like this....where i'm from men dont fight battles for other men...kscoyote doesnt need you to protect him...hes a pretty down guy and he can handle his own...i'd raise a glass with him any day...get off his stick...where in the world do you get this whole..."mustang gt can only battle a high end v6 crap"...i already smoked infinity's high end 6...i smoked chargers hemi 8...i smoked bmw's 850 12 cylinder....go to kill stories...its what i do...i've been smoked by a viper...been smoked by a taken by a mazerati..but at least i can race them...this car lets me do find me a stock 4 that can smoke me without a blower...cause i can mod my stang well above 500hp and still drive it to work...can you?
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