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'I dont know where to start on a post like this....where i'm from men dont fight battles for other men...kscoyote doesnt need you to protect him...hes a pretty down guy and he can handle his own...i'd raise a glass with him any day...get off his stick...'

- Dude, I have no idea what you're talking about there.... I guess I'd probably come out with the gay jokes and insults too if I was immature and pissed.

'where in the world do you get this whole..."mustang gt can only battle a high end v6 crap"...

- Easy just do the math. Look at the engines. I'd be pissed if I had a V8 that only had the same amount of hp as a high end V6. But that's just me....

'i already smoked infinity's high end 6...i smoked chargers hemi 8...i smoked bmw's 850 12 cylinder....go to kill stories...its what i do'

- Big deal, I smoked a Corolla the other day. My point is you have a V8 that ONLY has 300 hp where and Infiniti ONLY has a V6 yet it has 300 hp.... if Ford can get only 300 hp out of their V8 just imagine how much Infiniti can get out of a V8 if they made one.

'i've been smoked by a viper...been smoked by a taken by a mazerati..but at least i can race them...this car lets me do fine...'

- I can race them too . I'll just get smoked just like you so what's your point? Any car let's you do that but the question is, will you win? Besides this isn't even the point of the discussion. I'm just pissed that a Ford V8 ONLY has the numbers of an Infiniti V6.

'now find me a stock 4 that can smoke me without a blower...cause i can mod my stang well above 500hp and still drive it to work...can you?'

- Anybody can go out and mod. The point is you didn't mod and you owning a V8 shouldn't HAVE to mod just to get higher HP numbers than an Infiniti V6.
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