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'you really are in love with that infinity arent you?'

- Nope, just saying how pissed off I am about how a Ford V8 ONLY has as much power as an Infiniti V6.

'theres no talkin to a guy like you...'

- Funny I'm thinking the same thing about you. I guess if I was immature and petty I'd deny the numbers too.

'and i get that you have no idea what i'm talkin about..'

- Wow another good one. I guess I'd also break out the 'you have no idea what I'm talking about' argument too if I'm in denial of the fact that Ford's V8 engine for the GT is horrible when there is a V6 engine producing just about the same numbers.

'at least the coyote is worth arguin with...'

- Yeah I'd think somebody is worth arguing with too.... But only if I was immature enough to insult him by calling him names while he in return has the maturity to not insult me and call me names. I guess that's how you percieve yourself as winning this discussion, huh?

'so i guess i'll leave you to your dreams of one day owning that mighty infinity...good luck with that'

- Thanks, but only if Ford doesn't come out with a V8 that produces significantly higher numbers than Infiniti's V6.
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