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Buick looked back to their massive torque-monger from 1970, the Buick GSX Stage I, as an inspiration for their special project--only this time, they would do it with a turbocharged V6, instead of the monster bigblock 455 featured in the GSX.
Buick called in ASC/McLaren (who had previously worked with Buick on their Wildcat Concept Car as well as their V6-powered Indy cars) to aid in the tuning of the engine, who modified the original 3.8 turbo by bolting on a Garrett T-3 Ceramic Turbine-wheel Turbocharger, as well as an advanced design high efficiency intercooler and new PROM Computer for best engine tuning. This boosted the little V6 to an advertised 276 horsepower, which was actually over 300 horsepower, with an impressive 380 ft lbs at a low 2600 RPM (some performance magazines have claimed dyno runs with torque as high as 420 ft lbs). The engine ran with a relatively low 8.4:1 compression ratio to deal with the extreme boost, flowing through a standard free-flow dual exhaust.
. . .
All of these extra performance goodies rocketed this 3500 lb. black stallion to times in the high 12 second range, with a 0-60 time of about 5 seconds flat (Car and Driver even claimed to run a 4.7 0-60!). Despite the turbocharger, the 3.8 V6's ability to produce that high torque at such a low RPM made it very easy to melt off those 255 50VR-16 Goodyear Eagle VR Gatorbacks (mounted on 16 inch aluminum alloy wheels). The styling cues from the Grand National remained essentially the same, with full analog instrumentation featuring tachometer, speedometer, turbo-boost, coolant temperature, oil pressure and fuel level guages by Stewart Warner.


Specifications Dimensions
Wheelbase 108.1"
Curb Weight approx 3500 lbs
Tires P255 50R15
Weight Distribution (Front/Rear) 55 / 45
Powerplant Sequential Port Fuel Injected 3.8 litre (231 cid) V6
Compression Ratio 8.4:1
Blower Garret T-3 w/air-to-air intercooler
Transmission Automatic 4 Speed Turbo Hydromatic
Final Gear Ratio 3.42:1
Power Output 300 hp @ 4400 RPM, 380 ft lbs torque @ 2600 RPM
Top Speed (est.) 142 mph
0-60 mph 5.4 seconds
1/4 mile 13.43 seconds @ 104 mph (Car and Driver, many have gone much quicker)

the G35 AND the Mustang are pretty much playing catch up with this 20 year old car . ..

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