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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
Nope they don't add up to a smoke because if that's the case then I 'smoked' a new V6 Accord the other day. I didn't leave him in the dust but hey if you call that 'smoking' then I call what I did 'smoking' too.

'a fully loaded gt has less than a base g35? i hope so...its still 6 grand more'

-Fully loaded GT is 6 grand less than a base G35? Dude, you need to do the math again. I calculated about 1K and change, not 6K. Besides, that was never the point. The point is I'm still pissed off at the fact that a V8 Mustang ONLY produces 2 HP more than a V6 G35.

'but you know what? i wont resort to name callin either you friggin mary...ooops...i'm so silly like that'

- Too late for that.
They've already copped to making up figures. This goes on every 6 mos or so. So I'm familiar with them.

I reckon they thought they could go to the 2005+ 6 forums and start trouble here . ..

He appaently had to think long and hard about the swamp rat -had to clear the phallic references -maybe he looked up to find something . ..

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