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'good thing youre learnin least ya aint swearin that the g35 is 300hp anymore...'

- Learning? Learning what? The fact still remains the Mustang V8 engine is still as weak as the G35 V6 engine. Ooooh 2 Hp.... Wow... if the difference of 2 HP between a V8 and V6 is enough for you then hey, I guess you are one of those people willing to settle for less. Not me... I want more. Just a little advice: You can't go through life just settling for stuff. If you do, you'll always be at the bottom. Unless you're just happy being at the bottom..... But, like I said, that's you.... I always want more.

'and golly gee...its too late to stop callin you names? shucks i was bein sarcastic you ******* yellow bellied swamp rat'

- Did you just say 'golly gee'? That's actually pretty funny but like I said, I don't resort to name calling. It's childish, immature and beneath me. It's not my fault my standards are too high.

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