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'easy ballsac...'

- Oh wow real original there....

'you sound hurt...'

- Really? Yeah I guess I'm hurt that you can't think up better come backs.

'good thing i couldnt resist one last look before i left...'

- Oh wow I must obviously be getting to you for you to take 'one last look'

'I only get mad in parkin lots...'

- Ooooh, big man there. Can't get me verbally so you have to resort to telling me that you only get mad in parking lots? That's actually pretty funny. I hit you with multiple arguments in every one of my posts and the best you can come up with is making fun of my screen name. Makes me wonder what would happen if we were in a real fight.

'i'm just ******* around on the internet...dont be mad...its all fun'

- That's weird..... If I was only '*******' around on the internet I wouldn't get mad and resort to name calling.... But hey, that's just me. The best part about this whole thing is the fact that your arguments are so poor and immature that they are actually giving me something to laugh my ass off at here at work.
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