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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
Oh wow, nghtrnnr... just wow.... I guess if I was a baby I'd resort to name calling too... Besides look at your own math.... 1)The V8 will beat the Infiniti but it doesn't look like it will smoke it like you claim... 2) A fully loaded GT is actually LESS loaded than a base G35 Coupe.... but hey, when you're that immature I guess those details don't matter, do they? But you you know what? Unlike you I won't resort to name calling.... Why? because petty insults and name calling is immature and beneath me. I'm above that. I have higher standards. Instead I'll just resort to destroying your argument like I have been doing with math, science, and common sense.
WTF is all of this trolling? I have had the joy of reading these posts.....and how laughable they are.

Um, my STOCK 05, V8, 281ci, 300hp, has no trouble easily handing out a$$whippings to 350z's, and G35's, not to mention the other current crop of "fast" cars out there in general. No, an s197 gt can't kill everything, but there is no race in this argument, unless the mustang gets a flat tire or some other silly event.

Also, if you can find a G35 for $28k, I'll crap a purple twinkie.

Get real guy.

And, to get back on topic....

The v6 mustang is still the best selling "pony" car out there, and best selling current production convertable. V6ers have nothing to be ashamed of. Not everyone needs or wants the performance of the V8, esp. with the current v6 outperforming many of the older v8's.

Don't make me start posting funny pictures........

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