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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'okay fine i see it now...this sheeppac guy isnt even worth talkin too...'

- What? You backing out now? I knew it!

'it always takes things awhile to get through my thick skull...'

- Yeah no kidding..... you should think a little harder about messing with someone smarter than you next time...
yes ace i'm sure you are smarter than me......but always remember that it'll be a guy just like me that finally gives your wife that elusive orgasm shes been reading about...and i hope that your sales men are watchin...cause they see now what a sad sac they work for...and everytime they see you they have something to smile inside about...cause they can truly say their boss is a punk

ps...hey stang this thread second in views yet? think it can top the "off topic gang"?
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