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'yes ace i'm sure you are smarter than me......'

- Now that wasn't that hard was it? Admitting that I am a superior being to you?

'but always remember that it'll be a guy just like me that finally gives your wife that elusive orgasm shes been reading about...'

- I'm not married yet and trust me my girlfriend is waaaaay out of your league. I wonder how your wife/gf is gonna take this though.... Finding out she married/ going out with someone who pussies out all the time...... :kooky: Maybe you can send her to me and I can show her what a real man is and take care of any shortcomings you have in bed....

'and i hope that your sales men are watchin...cause they see now what a sad sac they work for...'

- That's actually pretty funny because they were actually hoping to see their boss 'get his ass kicked'

'and everytime they see you they have something to smile inside about...cause they can truly say their boss is a punk'

- They'll be smiling alright, but only because the big man who threatened their boss pussied out in the presence of their boss's intellectual superiority. :kooky: :kooky: :kooky:
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