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'jeb gets it perfectly...youre a retard...and when did i ***** out? name a time and place in the city...bring a friend...bring 2...bring your girl...i'll settle with you and take her out for a drink fact i'm leavin work right now...i'll be on hunts point tomorrow night...right under the bruckner...i'm always there in the racin hours.. midnight and on...punk me? punk me?...i bet you i'll be there...none of my friends will jump in...i dont care how many of yours do...i can handle wanna make it real? fine by me'

- PUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... And this is coming from a 33 year old! You think I'm that stupid? Your 'friends won't jump in'? C'mon dude, I used to say that one back in highschool but it don't work anymore. So let's run this down ok? You pussied out, you're a liar, AND now you need your buddies to fight your battles.... Damn yo... you're getting boring by the minute.... When you can think up something better, let me know... Just don't burst your brain cells doing it ok?
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