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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
i apologize to everyone for actually gettin mad a little while ago...i dont usually...its always fun until some guy actually issues a real challenge...if yall read his post before he edited it you'd understand....that one really irked me though...internet fun is fun until some guy wants to make it real...but whatever...i am who i am..and i'll never run or back down from any challenge...but i hate gettin angry around friends...sorry
Hey, you really need help. You can't handle being "challenged", especially "for real"? Lots of folks will challenge you in life - like your Mom when she asked you to get dressed this morning by yourself.

Remember there is always someone with bigger arms, a faster punch, a gun in their pocket, or a car to run you over with.

So why don't you drop the "I'm a big bad ass" act, even if you don't think it's an act, because no one here is impressed or cares if you can kick their butt or not.

I might call you out for real just so I can get a good laugh as you are sitting under some bridge flexing your muscles and playing with yourself while you wait for me...

Of course I'd never show up because
a) I'm smarter then you,
b)prolly smaller then you,
c) I don't carry a gun,
d) I don't wanna get your blood all over my car,
e) I graduated from high school a long time ago and learned that all that BS is childish.
f) I'll be at home getting laid, which is one of the best outlets for all this aggression you have bottled up. You should try it.

So, NightyNight, don't get too worked up, it's just a FORUM.... hyperspace, remember? Maybe you need to go smoke a blunt and relax, brotha...

And please let us all know your real age, or at least the grade level the doctors say you are performing at after the lobotomy.

Sorry to bust your chain, but I was getting bored of WolfPacker's responses.
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