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'hey dennis hwang, what are you? chinese? talkin all that yo yo yo crap...drivin a mustang but dreamin of a rice car...'

- Uh Race has nothing to do with this... I dunno... I guess you're a racist too?

'and you say i'm confused?'

- Not confused.... probably just not too bright.

'is it the v6 gettin to you guys or somethin? need a v8 to calm yaselves down? i dont lil weezers are pent up or somethin...'

- Nope...... Because I'd be pissed if I owned a V8 engine that was about as weak as a V6.

'you dont catch gt guys gettin all wah wah when someone starts throwin words at em....'

- You obviously don't like the fact that the GT V8 is about as weak as an Infiniti V6.

'wolfpac hwang threw the physical idea out there first...'

- I did? I just wondered what would happen in a real fight. Since when does that translate into challenging you for a fight? For someone trying to call me out on my race your english sure sucks.

'i was just doin internet battlin...drew starts talkin about guns and runnin me over...gosh golly gee and they say i'm the outta control one when i say bring it....'

- Hey that's you and Drew's thing although he did make you look silly....

'i'm nice enough to apologize to the rest of ya for gettin angry but drew attacks my apology...and i'm the bad guy?'

- You're the bad guy because you lost your cool in the first place. You claim you were just stating an opinion. But when I stated my own opinion about the V8 you got pissed. That's all on you...... Next time think about what other people are trying to say before you blow your top next time.

'i do aplogize for thinkin they were man enough to handle the battle...'

- yeah speak for yourself... If you think fighting it out physically is what makes a man then you seriously have issues.

'guess not...and i apologize for fightin it out with these yahoos in front of the rest of you guys...but they wanted to take it to that next level...'

- I never wanted to take it to the next level... You assumed that with your own stupidity.

'NOW HEAR THIS...i'm gonna get back to talkin about cars cause thats what the rest of you men are here for...but i will not back down from anythin...'

- Big words for someone with your intelligence there....

'if Drew wants to go get a gun or run me over or Wolfie Hwang wants to get a ninja star and throw it at me...'

- There you go with the racist remarks... You know those remarks really reflect your intelligence....

'i say bring it but no more fightin in front of my stang brothers...if you think youre badass send me a private message and let me know when..i'll be there...'


- That's probably the most intelligent and mature thing you have said in these last 2 days.

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