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Wolfpac, I've read all of your posts, and that's why I said if you aren't happy, trade in your Mustang and get the nissan.

The best part of all of this argument, before e-punches being thrown, was about the amount of hp in the s197 v8, which is 300.

Ok, line up an s197 with the other 300hp and up cars....talking stock here now...

The s197 won't take the vette, or the gto (the higher powered one, the older one is a driver's race)

It won't take the WRX STi, unless the driver sucks..
the EVO supposedly is faster, not having run one, I don't know.

I can't think of anything else in this 300 hp or close to range that the s197 won't DESTROY.

Go ahead and bring on the 350z, g35, dodge POS hemi...whatever.

The point is, anything that will beat it, costs a good amount of money more. Yes, even the STi costs more than an 05/06 gt.

Now, as far as the v6 having 210 hp, just remember that it is still outperforming many of the earlier Mustang GT's, and doing it with a smaller engine. It will beat many of the GM v6 fireturds, and crapmaros. Need to have more power??? Still want a Mustang?? Turbo it! Bam!!! 350 hp. Someone on this site has done it, also some nitrous v6's here.

Now, back on topic....

The wife was thinking about getting a v6 Mustang. I almost let her, but then she drove the Mercury Milan, and it was a done deal.

We decided that one Pony was enough in the family, and the Milan has a 210hp v6, with a six speed auto. WE love that car. She says it hauls much @$$. I enjoy driving it also.

I could easily see her driving a v6 mustang and saying it's too fast.
Personally, I could also see myself perfectly happy with an s197 v6, and would probably be a much nicer driver as well....

I Hate GM, deal with it.
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