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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'Wolfpac, I've read all of your posts, and that's why I said if you aren't happy, trade in your Mustang and get the nissan.'

- If you read my post you'll know that straight from the beginning that I love my V6. If you read more carefully on my other posts you 'll know that I understand that the GT can beat certain cars. I'm just not happy with the numbers itself. If a V6 can pump out about 300 hp then I'd say 300 hp for a V8 is low. That's all I'm saying.... Hey I love my V6 but if people are going to say they hate the power in it then I'd say there's more of a reason to hate the power in the V8. That's all.
300 HP for a V8 is low??? yes there are cars with a few more ponies on a V8, but they also cost 40K plus.

That last guy in the pics must have a gland problem LOL
(The gland between his ears)

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