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Originally Posted by kscoyote
An STI & EVO aren't 40,000, and the G35 can be had for a couple of grand more.

But that's not his point.

His point is, it's ridiculous.

Entry Sports Cars
The style and performance of sporty cars promise more than a regular ride. More...

Vehicle Retail Price
2006 Acura RSX $20,325 - $23,845
2005 Chrysler Crossfire $29,145 - $49,470
2006 Ford Mustang $19,115 - $31,145
2006 Hyundai Tiburon $16,095 - $20,995
2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse $19,399 - $23,699
2006 Scion tC $16,300
2006 Subaru Impreza $18,295 - $32,995
2005 Toyota Celica $17,670 - $22,335
2005 Toyota MR2 Spyder $25,145
2006 Volkswagen GTI $20,340
2006 Volkswagen GTI (New) $21,990


His point (Let me know if I'm wrong, wolf) is the v6 outperforms just everything in it's catogory. Including the Hyundai 6, the Eclipse 4, the Chrysler 6, etc. Of those, ONLY the Chrysler 6 comes close.

The GT, despite being an 8, has competition, not only from smaller displacement 4s, but 6s, and in terms of hp, the GTO blows it away. So where are the bragging rights?
but there isnt a car on that list that the stang gt cant take.even the high end version of those cars can be beaten by a stock gt...and the high end version of those cars are already touchin the ceilin as far as what you can do with em...theyre already blown or turbo'd so maybe you can nitrous em if the engine can take it but thats as it goes...just to maybe beat a stock gt...which in turn hasnt even begun to climb the power on the flip side of that and eclipse blow away the ford v6 with their it also makes my point...that although the mustang 6 is a cool car with way should anything with a mustang badge be so easily beaten IN ITS STOCK FORM. like i had said...i raced a mazerati down the highway and ran with him...maybe i didnt beat it ...but racin a 95 grand ferrari powered car and havin fun doin...gettin a thunbs up from its driver...thats worth 30 grand to me...the stock mustang v6 aint racin anything almost 70 grand more and hangin with it...but its still a mustang and thats what we're all here for so its all good
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