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V6 Bassani review/hints

So I scored a used Bassani axleback from a fellow member (thx Dan!) and put it on over the weekend here are my thoughts. I was looking for sound improvements only and not expecting any HP increase (except on the Butt Dyno) I'm NOT going to post a sound clip go to American Muscle/Youtube and realize that you are using computer speakers to hear exhaust sounds. They are good for comparos only they (mine) do not do any system justice.

Install: counting going for a 1/2 hr drive to test them it took me about three hours...this included jacking up my car (jackstands and wheel chocks) and putting tools away the next time it'll be about two hrs. I sprayed the muffler clamps with PB Blaster and the rubber hangers with silicone the day before which worked out well. The two hints I have were that getting the OEM mufflers out of the fwd hangers was semi-impossible. I found it easier to just remove the hanger brackets and slide them off after they were free. Also the muffler clamp is welded to the OEM bracket, you have to break it NOT spend 20 minutes trying to slide it off and swearing at it does not help. The new ones fit perfectly and only took 15 minutes to bolt them in place. I did not have to adjust them (I don't know if they had to be adjusted when new).

Review: the finish/welding is superb the tips are slightly larger (4.00" compared to 3.50") and they do stick out about 1/2" more than the OEMs they seem to fit the cutouts on the v6 valance better than stock but it's not a huge differance. The sound on first impression is great with a good bit more volume than my Manual transmission (differant than autos) factory mufflers. There is a little bit of popping on sudden decel but nothing objectionable (I like the noise) and you can definatley hear the extra sound in the cabin withou it being too loud. I'm sure the folks I pass will enjoy hearing the sound too. Remember the exhaust sound is mostly for bystanders... I have not yet noticed any drone but I'm gonna hold off on that till I've had them on for a while.

Mrs Mud (after rolling her eyes when I said what I bought) asked "they're not going to be Stupid loud are they?" and I'll have to say no to that. They seem to a a bit of a throaty rumble like a well tuned European V6...I'm giving them thumbs up. It's a recomended mod if you are looking for a more fun sound out of your V6!

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