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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
whats the point?...we all know we can beat the g35 with a mustang gt engine...the g35 has got 298hp from a high flow tunable inducted v6 is what it is...the mustang makes its 300hp from its own naturally aspirated v8 high air flow pumping it up................................................ like i keep trying to get across to them...the ford engine is sooooo much better in the gt...cause most of us havent even begun to climb the power tree with our engine and we can still show our tail lights to that pumped up 350z that they call a g35...and its about as good as it can mustang gt boys are nowhere near as good as we can get...the g35 isnt even a remotely good example of a powerful kick ass v6 engine...i'd be talking about a m3 or a 911 if i wanted to praise a 6...but thats not the point anyway...if underscores how weak the ford stock v6 is like blk06gt said...
Why don't you talk about the 4.5L that puts out 335hp?

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