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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'I'm actually quite happy with my V8. I think it's a real testament to the V6's out there developed enough to put out similar hp numbers as our V8.'

- Hey if you're happy with it then that's your thing. I can respect that but that's you..... I expect more.

'But for arguments sake i will say that the V6 in comparision to these high powered V6's and 4 bangers is kinda weak and i would be more disapointed with that.'

- Hey, like I said: That's your thing...... I, on the other hand am more disappointed that a stock GT V8 is about as weak as a Stock G35 V6 and if you think about it, a stock Evolution 4 Cylinder is only about 20-25 HP less..... Wait... now that I'm thinking about it.... It's pissing me off even more now!

'Although as a former v6 owner i was extremely pleased with my vehicle.'

- Hey, I'm extremely pleased my V6! Looks like we have something in common.....
Yep we essentially see different sides of the same situation. Although 1 point of your opinion i do disagree with 100% the G35 is not as powerfull as the gt..All the hp readins are is how the fast the car can potentially go with a few other variables..Torque will account much more for how fast .So to say the G35's engine is as powerful is a huge over statement.
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