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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'Well just buy the rice-a-roni then and have a car that looks like all of the other rice out there, I mean come on from 50-100 feet you can't tell one frome the other.......'

- Dude, you're missing my point. I made it clear that I lovve the Mustang and I love my V6 straight from the beginning.... I'm just not happy with the V8 compared to a G35 V6... that's all.....

'Yep we essentially see different sides of the same situation. Although 1 point of your opinion i do disagree with 100% the G35 is not as powerfull as the gt..All the hp readins are is how the fast the car can potentially go with a few other variables..Torque will account much more for how fast .So to say the G35's engine is as powerful is a huge over statement.'

- Wait... I thought we were talking about HP. Ok.... If you want to talk about torque than I don't see why people are crying about the V6. The torque on the V6 is very comparable if not higher than a lot of V6's out there. Sure it's low on HP, but like I said before, I'm more pissed that a stock GT V8 is about as weak as a stock G35 V6 in terms of HP.
I'm pretty new to this conversation so i have no idea what the origional arguements were. I'm simply comparing the 2 engines, and its hard to compare them effectively solely on hp since torque plays a huge factor in a engines overall power/performance. I'm not pissed that the G35/porshe/NSX/350Z or any other V6 or 4 banger that has been engineered to the point that it can produce similar HP numbers. It doesnt look bad on our V8's at all it's simply a testament to how far these manufacturors can push their vehicles. And how much farther we, if we so choose to, can push or V8's Ford simply doesnt need to push our engines that hard out of the factory to reach acceptible power plant numbers. So i really dont see to much of a correlation between comparing a highly engineered V6 vehicle to our moderately engineered V8's .. However i do see much more a connection between the V6 mustang, that would be much more of a direct comparison. Even then there are quite a few variables to consider. If ford made a more powerful 6 they would have to make a more powerful 8 thus raising the price of our cars. I'm quite sure ford could tack on another 6-8 k for a v6 and have the same power out put and luxury of a G35. I can say for me personally given the choice of a 300 HP 6 or 8 cylinder i'd choose the 8 it just sounds better and has more potential.
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