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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'whats the point?...'

- Holy ****. read my previous post again.

'we all know we can beat the g35 with a mustang gt engine...'

- That was never my point.

'the g35 has got 298hp from a high flow tunable inducted v6 engine...'

- 298 is still 298 just like 300 is still 300. 298 in a V6 to a 300 V8 has always been my point. That's what pisses me off. I don't care how the G35 does it the fact is the stock V8 is still as weak as the stock G35 V6 at this point.

'it is what it is...'

- Exactly, that's my point.

'the mustang makes its 300hp from its own naturally aspirated v8 high air flow pumping it up'

- I don't care where the V6 get's its power from. The fact is it's still there and because it's there the STOCK V8 is as weak as the STOCK G35 V6.

'so like i keep trying to get across to them...'

- Apples to oranges. Mods and stock are totally different. Anybody can go out and mod. You're the one that said that when comparing we have to look at stock. So that's what I did. Remember, you're the one that refuted my argument first without fully comprehending the point I was trying to make. That's your own fault right there.

'the ford engine is sooooo much better in the gt...cause most of us havent even begun to climb the power tree with our engine'

- Point has always been that you shouldn't have to mod a Ford V8 STOCK engine just to pump out HP significantly more hp than a G35 Coupe V6 STOCK. Like you said yourself, only compare stock. Well I did and the stock GT V8 is as weak as a stock G35 V6. If you want to count mods then I can easily mod my V6.

'and we can still show our tail lights to that pumped up 350z that they call a g35...'

- That was never my point. If you still don't get it I say you should re read my posts.

'and its about as good as it can get...'

- We're keeping it at stock. You brought it up first so I'm reinforcing it for you.

'us mustang gt boys are nowhere near as good as we can get...'

- Again, you're missing the point.... Anybody can go out and mod. If you want to throw in mods then I say I can throw in mods for the V6. Either way, one of your arguments is wrong.

'the g35 isnt even a remotely good example of a powerful kick ass v6 engine...i'd be talking about a m3 or a 911 if i wanted to praise a 6...'

- Hey, you brought it up... I just didn't want to make the V8 look that BAD.

'but thats not the point anyway...if underscores how weak the ford stock v6 is like blk06gt said...'

- Yes, I agree the V6 Mustang is weak but I think the stock GT V8 being as WEAK as a stock G35 V6 is a lot worse.
see that quote button down to the right? it makes it alot easier...and fyi keep saying i was missing your point...nah...i was actually making my own....
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