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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
pssst...hey stang brothers...theres a jap car lovin ricer in here posin as a mustang guy...calls himself ballsac or somethin like that..anyway...he challenged me to do math regardin his beloved g35 and our awesome mustang here goes

g35 298hp at 6400rpm
stang gt 300hp at 5750rpm
hmmmm...looks like we're reachin a higher top hp faster...whatever could that mean off the line ?

g35 260 torque at 4,800rpm
stang gt 320 torque at 4,500rpm
eeep...more power to the ground too at a quicker rate...

g35 starting at $33,800 for less power
stang gt starting at $25,870 for more power

hmmmmmmmm....happy rice to you

ps if ya gonna worship a 6 like that least accept no substitute...worship a 911 porche

wow...this thread is goin in we're back to that torque point from way back when...i was readin over the whole thread...when did it become a g35 versus mustang gt battle anyway...weird...i was hoping to try and catch the off topic gang's number of views but if its gonna go in circles i guess its a wrap...i think i'll go tell some kill stories...kscoyote...wolfpac...i'll catch up with you guys on the next arguement....hey....did we ever find out how these v6 guys take the heat? maybe in an indirect way
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