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Can I disable the anti-theft system?

Well I just bought my kid his first car a 97 v6 'stang. Really nice car...shoulda kept it for myself ! Anyway when we bought it it came with only one key so one of the first stops was Wal-mart to get a spare key. Got home and tried the key and discovered that the car wont start because its got an anti-theft system, so off to Ford I go. Talk to the parts guy and he tells me that I'm lucky I didn't burn up the theft system (at the cost of 900 bucks!) using an uncoded key! And that a coded key is going to run $65. He also tells me there is no way to shut the system off.

So my question is is this a load of BS to sell me a $65 key? (and whatever they charge to encode it) or is there a better way? This is a very low crime area and the car is 10 yo so I'm thinking that we might actually be better off just disabling the system instead of paying $65 bucks everytime my kid loses a key. Is it possible to do this and how do you go about it? OR is there somewhere out there that sell keys for less than 65 bucks? Thanks for the help.


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