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Originally Posted by Connor_E View Post
Thank you for all of the replies so far! I've been doing some research and I think I'm just going to keep the Factory Head Unit and ass the subwoofer and amp. From reading online I've found out that the factory head unit doesn't have a preamp output so I'll have to buy this as well,

Scosche LOC80 2-channel line output converter at

Can anyone confirm if I'm correct?
I used this exact Scosche LOC on my old BMW audio install. Luckily, the BMW had speaker-level wiring in the trunk, which I spliced into. Here's a few shots of the process. It's not hard if you plan accordingly, and read thrice, cut once!

Locating the correct wires, then removing wrap and taping the bundles together before cutting...

Two pairs to cut, one already done...

Spliced LOC in with "Y" crimping and taping...

Secured LOC on wiring loom and out of the way. Ready to use!

In all honesty, it worked pretty well. I wired it up to a RF Prime 500.1 amp and an Alpine 12" Type R (wired in 2ohm) and it hit really hard. The LOC is a great option, just make sure you make your connections SOLID. I'd recommend soldering AND crimping, then excessive taping.

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