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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'lol...not too original are you? how come ya aint walkin the earth helpin people,like Caine? '

- Original? Who's talking about being original? I was pointing out cold hard facts.... It's not my fault these facts drove you crazy and challenge me to a 'fight'.

'ps...if you hurry you can still get a part in"fast and drift"'

- Dude, you really just aren't getting it are you? Don't worry, I guess if I was a moron and someone on the internet who's younger than me was making me feel stupid I'd probably retaliate with cheap retorts also.
i love it...this guy is insane...he thinks he has facts that put a g35 in the same lane as a mustang gt...chop socky rice numbers...gotta love these his mustang has a fartcan muffler in the back like the rest of his rice brethren
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