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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'okay..on the line...what numbers do you have that dispute the above,'

- Like I said.... look on the Infiniti site.... the G35 Coupe has 298 HP. So in conclusion the Mustang GT V8 is about as weak as the G35 Coupe V6. THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE POINT. What numbers do you have to dispute that? Nothing! Yeah, I thought so.....

'hop sing?'

- Hop sing? Wow... Like I said, this was never about race.... It's just sad to see a 33 year old 'grown man' (and I'm using 'man' very loosely) resort to such immaturity. It's just too bad throwing cheap insults is the only way you can make yourself feel better. Insults are never a substitute for victory. So sad....

'put some real facts out there'

- see above.

'and i will join your shaolin clan of ricers...'

- Wow, I'm not even laughing at you anymore.... I'm actually starting to feel sorry for you..... I out grew petty insults like that back in High school and you're supposed to be 33....

'cause so far youre just repeatin what i say'

- When? You're the one not understanding what I'm saying.... I'm not talking about price, I'm not talking about torque... I'm just talking about HP.... and the fact is the GT V8 is just as weak in HP as the G35 V6.
how can you talk about any sort of power spectrum and then say you arent looking at torque...everything is included in the power spectrum...evryone here has tried to explain it to really dont know cars do you? i mean i always figured guys like you cant drive anyway but i thought some at least know the mechanics of cars...try to understand...just try...the g35 is nowhere near a match for the mustang is however more than a match for yours...oh well...if you dont see my point thats okay...i think on this day of days it only matters that the real mustang boys see my go on...rant some more about how i amuse you...rant some more about your love of all things rice...ignore the quote button and write evrything i say and try to pick it apart again and what you do best...rant rant rant sing about your beloved g35...rant some more

ps what are you worried about hp for anyway? you can make your deliveries in a kia cant you?

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