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I didn't read this whole argument to begin with but I'm just going to agree with what some ppl said, that our stock GT can easily smoke a 300hp G35 or 350Z. Ya ya, wolfpac or w/e his name is is talking about numbers V8 to V6. But who really cares? I thought it's about performance?

Would you be satisfied if the GT weighed 4000lbs and put out 350hp and ended up being slower than a G35 coupe just because it makes more power and at 350 it would be a 'respectable' V8 engine? I wouldn't. This whole argument is like if someone with a Charger RT went around talking smack to GT guys by saying 'yea well my V8 makes 340hp! Got that! 340!!' And then the GT guy could say 'yea but I'll take you out off the line with my 300hp V8' But the RT guy just completely ignores that and keeps talking about his 340hp. Who the hell cares, my car is faster than those with 300hp and I'm satisfied. Yea it 'could've' had more or 'should've' had more but who really cares. If the G35 or Z were faster that would be different.
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