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Originally Posted by Wolfpac
'I didn't read this whole argument to begin with but I'm just going to agree with what some ppl said, that our stock GT can easily smoke a 300hp G35 or 350Z. Ya ya, wolfpac or w/e his name is is talking about numbers V8 to V6. But who really cares? I thought it's about performance?'

- If it's about performance then what are you people complaining about? The V6 has 210 HP and 240 lbs of torque.... Hell, I was able to out drive the new V6 Accord the other day! I even out drove an RX8 a few months back! The fact is the V6 is good enough to compete with most of the other V6's out there.... The morons that are complaining about about it not being able to compete with a Charger or a 350Z has to realize that that's why Ford built the Mustang GT! The V6's were never meant to compete with a 350Z or a Charger or a G35, etc.

If you're still going to complain about the 'lack' of power in the V6 then there is nothing wrong with saying that the Mustang V8 engine is about as weak as the G35 V6 engine in terms of HP. Pick either argument or both. Fact is, I'd be right on both accounts. As for the rest of your argument, yes, it can make sense, but if you want it to make sense then the fact is the V6 can still compete with most of the other V6's out there. The V6's were never meant to compete with those other high end cars. If they were then what would be the point of building a a GT?
Actually the mustang V6 dosent out perform the accord.. i forgot but there is an article on here by Reekostang or what ever that puts the V6 behind most of its competitors. But the gist of the article by various magazies MT, C&D and so forth showed the V6 stang to be outclassed in 0-60 times and general handling by a large segment of its competition.
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