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Originally Posted by kscoyote
No it's not.

A G35 can cost 33K, and so can a Mustang GT.

The Accord V6 BASE PRICE STARTS at $25,200.

A fully optioned non vert V6 Mustang barely hits 24K I've never seen one on the lots that cost more than 23K that wasn't a vert.

The BASE price of the PREMIUM Mustang V6 is $20,090

Do the dang math.

the Accord BASE is 25% higher than the PREMIUM V6.

The BASE GT price is $25,140 $60 LESS than a V6 Accord.
Sorry but you are wrong.. THe regular Bare bone G35 coupe which isnt the one Wolf pac is talking about start at 33k where the most expensive GT ends.. That model only puts out 280 hp. Add another 2k Making it 35k (the 298 hp model) which beyond what anyone should pay for a Maxed out Vert GT. Now at 35k that IS the BASE model... after adding in all or most of the things a person who buys a luxy sports coupe would have it = around or just over 40k which is a larger difference than your 23k v6 mustang and 25k honda...

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