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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
they? try me... mister nondebater...and try going to the car's company website instead of whereever you think you get your facts from...thats what i did...and i came up with alot more reality than you made up numbers reflect more of the truth than your so called facts ever did...damn coyote...try a hard fact for once...oops...i was enjoying watchin blk06gt take you apart..but damned if you cant seem to finish a thought without the ol nghtrnnr rattlin around in your head...forget hanoi jane...we got hanoi coyote...
All you've got to do is post the link.

Of course, we already know you're making stuff up, you've already admitted as such.

Which you probably had to do, since you've been trying to argue the cost is no object thing in the pre-05 six lounge and tech sections every six months.

On a vehicular basis, both the v6 and v8s are very high in the dollar per performance ratio. You keep trying to distort the figures and comparisons.

Quit it.

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