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Originally Posted by kscoyote
All you've got to do is post the link.

Of course, we already know you're making stuff up, you've already admitted as such.

Which you probably had to do, since you've been trying to argue the cost is no object thing in the pre-05 six lounge and tech sections every six months.

On a vehicular basis, both the v6 and v8s are very high in the dollar per performance ratio. You keep trying to distort the figures and comparisons.

Quit it.
you and i debate every six months? pre 05 lounge? youre losin it old man...dreamin again...and i've always given the v6 the respect it deserves..i own one...who is it that you think i am anyway? and like i said...anything i made up beats your so called facts cause i know really need a link to a car website? try typing their name genius....ohhhhhh i get it...youre trying to divert attention from the sound beating that blk06gt is giving
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