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Originally Posted by kscoyote
I think the Reekster is actually the Leezard. Funny how he shows up posting the same garbage, just after the Leezard is banned.

The Accord is not a competitor in any way. It's in a different class that costs $5000 more. If it has any competition, it's the Eclipse GT, The Mustang GT, the Solara, the Pontiac G6 GTP and GXP, etc.

THe Accord Coupe only outhandles the base package without the rear sway bar, etc, that comes with the Pony Package. you hear the voices in your head right now? didnt you just accuse reeko of bein someone else too? damn coyote...are the pod people coming to get you? afraid to sleep? someone told you to stay on topic a lil while ago... coyote youre a fun guy but youre scarin me...
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