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Originally Posted by kj_cinci

I'm sure there is enough numbers out there to prove this one way or the other.

26K for 300 HP is fair!
19K for 210 HP is fair!
26K for a five person four door car is fair...

Com'N, again! It is all what you want and need! I think MANY are in the new Stang for styling. I would never buy a Lexus or Infinity! You may however find me ina Beemer, Mercedes, or GF a GM car!!

I know that previous YM M3 lost to me, so did a G35, a older Vette, a new GOAT, a new Caddy, and many many more!

I lost to a Scion!! Suck on that!
The last Mustang I bought was an 86, didn't care for the styling until I saw the 2005, I have heard the same thing many times from others.

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