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Originally Posted by kj_cinci
The stick has 18 more shaft HP...?? Why, how?

Ford could have (and many say they are) taken over 300 out, we see many stock dynos close to 270, which is ~310 at the shaft with a low 15% drivetrain loss. 300 was a nice round number 400 for the goat, 500 for the vette, you know how that goes... 298 sounds weird... anywho... 300 might have to do with EPA, insurance for (young) owners, etc. If it wasn't for EPA there would be no filter box, PCV line, cats etc. the tune would have been different and there would have been 350 HP. Same is true for the Nissan, ehum sorry, G35 but it's made in much smaller quantities and can be checked closer and as such be closer to the EPA boarders...

This can be easily seen in 'modability', how much more is there for the same $ and/or part?

My .05 euro cents...
The two advancing the hondahead argument dogging the six will hear of no aftermarket. It's stock vs stock.

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