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Ecoboost swap possible?

Hey all, this is something I've been thinking about for a while now.

What is stopping anyone from taking the exhaust manifolds, turbos, PCM and other related hardware from an ecoboost 3.5L (from an f-150, not a taurus) and swapping them onto a 3.7L in a Mustang?

Has anyone tried this? Surely I'm not the first person to consider this.

Where does the mustang's extra .2L of displacement come from? Bore? Stroke?

What are the chances of swapping (obviously ported) ecoboost heads on to a 3.7 for a bump in compression (due to smaller combustion chambers)?

On the flip side, wouldn't 3.7 heads, coupled with larger turbos make an ecoboost really come alive?

I'm kind of an old school hot rodder, and all this new technology seems to muddy up these older tried and true tricks for making power. Kinda like swapping exlporer GT40P heads and intake onto mustang 302 to replace the stock E7TE heads was a cheap bolt on power gain- I'm trying to figure out some "budget upgrade easter eggs" Ford may have built into this new fleet.


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