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Well, here is what would I was thinking would be IDEAL....

F150 aftermarket begins to offer manifolds for aftermarket turbos (have you seen the size of the flanges!? the ports are TINY!! I can't believe this hole exists in the market, why has no one made these yet!?). These just HAPPEN to fit a 3.7......

Buy larger injectors, possibly whatever is offered for the current supercharger installs, possibly some coyote pieces....

Buy whatever turbos fit the aftermarket flanges on the f150 manifolds.

Buy intercooler (this time, maybe use a taurus piece)

Buy some stainless mandrel bends, clamps, and silicone connections

Have the car tuned, not by a handheld, on a dyno- by a tuner.

Again, this is a dreamy IDEAL scenario. The f150 aftermarket is screwing up my dreams, though....Surely this would be cheaper than 6300-8300 bucks for a hellion kit!!
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