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Originally Posted by Tofu

Economies of scale also come into play here - the a version VQ35DE goes into nearly every car Nissan sells in the US (except the bottom and top of the ladder), while the 4.6L 3 valve is actually pretty unique when compared to its 2 valve cousins. That Ford could have made 4.6L 4 valve V8 that produced 400+ bhp is certain - of course they could have, but they damn sure weren't going to be able to do it at the same price point. What they did do was make a very nice, tractable, and powerful engine that fulfills 99% of most anyone's needs that doesn't require huge amounts of maintenance, special care, or arcane trickery to keep going, and stuck it in a car that mere mortals could aspire to own. In its own way, that's a bigger achievement than simply seeing who can squeeze what number out of what sized engine. (Besides, then we'd end up talking about the "weak" VQ35DE with its 300bhp when 1.4L turbo Renault R5s were making 350bhp back in '80s)

Horsepower numbers are pretty meaningless anyhow, and the only more pointless number is horsepower per liter. All that matters is how you use what you got in the real world.

Oh yeah, I have an '06 Pony.
totally correct for both the V6 and the V8.

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