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Apologies, as I'm not trying to hijack the OP's thread. Just curious, since the Ecoboost option seems a little troublesome:

If piecing together a twin turbo setup by scratch ("bolt-on," not forged bottom-end), not counting labor and tuning, just hardware and plumbing alone, how much could one expect to shell out?

I've looked at universal kits, but I'm not quite convinced $2k would cover the parts. I could be wrong. I'd expect at least an additional 2K if not more on cutting, welding and tuning, assuming nothing goes wrong (yeah, right). Then there's the labor shelled out by folks like me who would never consider DIY on the body rip-down and unit install.

I'm thinking one would easily be in the territory of a new Procharger kit with installation.

As much as I'd live a home-made setup, I'd still rather go the easy route if I can't do it for cheaper.
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