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Originally Posted by Red99Stang
a friend of mine told me to consider swapping to a 4.6 (my car has lots of miles and he meant this as instead of getting a new car when i need one) and i was just wondering what all i would need to complete this swap. i know its expensive and im not even actually considering doing just wondering what it would need? i know itd need a new computer, but like for example would my rear end hold up or would i need to get a whole new one? basically...if i went to a salvage yard or something and bought a V8 and the computer from that car is that all i would need to do? how much does it usually cost to get engines swapped out? thanks a lot
It's cheaper to mod the six.

You could throw in a rebuilt T-bird SC supercharged 3.8L with little drama and cost (it was $1800 at O'Reilleys a couple of years ago), or get a race v6 with 400hp for $6000.

Swapping to an 8 requires a new tranny, (the six got the v8 tranny in 2001 - I think), new rear end, new front suspension, and you should replace the brakes. After that you've got the electronics, and the PATS which is a mess.

It's cheaper to buy a used v8, unless you're planning an all out show/strip vehicle, in which case the six chassis is a better one to start from, since the chassis hasn't had as much stress -you don't have to worry about cracks in the frame, the cracks in the rear suspension mounts, etc.

Also, the 302 is an easier swap than the 4.6L, cheaper, too-just an FYI.

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