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sn95 electrical nightmare

Have a 95 mustang 3.8 auto. At first it was just that the car wasn't getting any fuel... So, in goes a pump(and yes the old one was bad, checked it at the battery and no spin)... hit the key and nothing... pump wasn't turning on except for erratically while in the start position... so I check the relay in the CCRM jump it over with a 9v battery and suddenly I have fuel... So, in goes an ignition switch... then in the start position it wasn't engaging the starter anymore... so I found the relay for that and put one in... now the pump doens't come on at all, starter engages, coil fires but the plugs are dry... This leaves me to believe that the injectors aren't fireing... what other bloody electrical piece should I be looking at to replace NOW on this POS so that I can get it to run? Is the injector driver not working? Is the EEC crapped out? Lastly, is there a way that I can check to find out what codes the EEC is throwing on it without having a freaking computerized code reader? Hell of a first post but not new to fords, mustangs, or cars in general... this one just hates me..


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