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Swapping in an ecoboost 3.5 would be a nitemare, besides the injection limits the HP, there have already been companies to upgrade the turbo (yes a larger single variable vane turbo) that maxed out around 550 crank HP due to fueling limitations.

Turbo install on the 3.7 is a breeze compared to other cars, I know, I did it and although I am smart I can't weld much past tacking stuff together. Factory manifolds work fine, flip the DS one over, move the studs around, replace one stud with a bolt and away you go, a 2" cross over works fine. I have a 3.5" downpipe but a 3" one will be fine, split it back into duals. Find a local fab shop (roll bars, turbo installs, etc) and talk to them, look over my build pics, CFM's pics, Cal Hartlines build pics and go from there, I can sell you wht you need but I won't build it for you, parts wise you are looking around $3k.

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