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This almost basically describes my situation PERFECTLY.

Except when I googled it, I searched as, "gear grind" because it sounded and felt like the gears were grinding. I read horror stories and became increasingly concerned... until I saw some youtube videos with sound clips. They had a lot more rattle, and sounded terrifying. Then I came to the conclusion that my situation wasn't "gear grind," and over time hasn't really returned.

Can you confirm that the "driveline vibration" has more of a bass-like sound and feel to it? That's what it sounds like to me, at least.

I used to get it a lot more often earlier on, and I thought I did something to break the car (since I basically taught myself how to drive stick on this car).

But with how I drive it now, I can almost entirely avoid the problem altogether (as you guys said, it is pretty much reproducible).

For me in particular, the 3rd gear at 2.5-3k RPM

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