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Originally Posted by afixer
you guys are so blind what are you talking about ! make it look like a gt. you crack me up. 1 i installed an after market grill to give the car fogs for better lighting i like road racing and if you have driven the car in the dark on winding roads the stock lights suck plus the pony lights were not out yet, also notice i have pony emplems on the side. i didnt change my bumbers or side panels. so lets see putting better lighting and duals for better performance makes it a gt wow dont tell ford. duals were $ 350 and the fog set up was if i had to pay for it about $350 so for $700 bucks i got a gt wow!. come on guys get a grip. look at the car. oh i forgot i put on of the most over used rims in the world on it. that i got from a friend for $400 bucks again for handeling 17x 8s. but im actully last week at a car meet the owner of boss motorsport came up to me and asked if he could use my car for a fit and pic session. he then said he would give me a smoking deal on some halibrand style wheels. (so then what are you going to say im making my car look like a AC cobra) and yes you are flaming but hey thats cool when you guys make these stupid remarks it just proves to me that you are not mustang people if you were you would notice the many body difs between the two!

1. no notch for the front lic plate on the gt, 2. painted rocker panels, 3. lip on front and rear bumper. 4.larger lower grill, 5. totaly dif grill than i have, 6. gt badges , 7. gt rear badge. so there is just seven that i can think of off the top.

next youwill say that strips lowering springs wider rear tires are all gt things. come on you wanted a rise out of me and you got it.

but it still makes me laugh that you guys make those comments it all stems from the fact that i have a very nice car for alot less than gt guys have spent. and i am very happy with it.
LOL did i hit a nerve.. Like i said before i wasnt flaming. I actually said i liked your car. None the less from the picture i have seen which is strickly from the front your V6 looks just like a GT minus the rounder front bumper..Which is y i asked a simple question. If a GT look alike is what your gunna build y not just buy the real thing. I was in no way flaming or making an unreasonable assumption. The differences in the body that you speak of are so minute that to a non Mustang person the car would pass for a GT. I am in no way bashing V6's i use to own one and i like you I customoized mine. The difference between my customizing and many other V6 guys is that i didnt make mine look like a GT. In doing so i realized that if i wanted to make a clone it would have been more econmical to just buy a GT instaed off all the takeoff parts and paint and labor etc.On most other Mustang sites if i look at the V6 section all i see is GT take off this and GT take off that..that was more the crowd i was questioning..I was simply putting the question to you since you might have another point of view on the subject that i might not have seen ...And no i didnt want a rise out of you i wanted a simple intelligent response sorry its a sensative subject for you.
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