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Originally Posted by Blk06GT
LoL your funny. Nope you didnt hit a nerve but i think i did. If your trying to throw a comparison at me with the question i brought up to Afixer then your way off in left field. A 2005-2006 V6 and 2005-2006 Gt cost wise are very near each other while a GT500 is no where near the ball park for a GT so your argument is really flawed . The 2-3k that a V6'er will pay for all the GT take offs paint and laber will put him/her in the same ballpark price of a GT. That comparison is not so for a GT to GT500. Nice try though.
The only GT Takeoff that's worth anything to me is the rear sway bar and the exhaust. Total cost $150 . ..

Shocks and struts are a joke, the transmissions are the same, what else is there?


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