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Originally Posted by Blk06GT

1) Ok i'm failing to see what your trying to debate me on..Are you talkin about Gt owners cloning Cobras? Aside from a few s197's having cobra rims i dunno of any cloning with this model. And i dont agree with cloning anyway so im not sure what your point on that is.

2) If you are tryin to make a general statement that a terminator will beat my Gt.. then i say ok i'm fine with that. It's a car designed to move. If that is your statement then i say to you a honda accord will beat you. So whats your point..

3) And who is ripping of shelby's and Mach 1's....Plz in the future have some relavance to what you are saying. My 8 year old niece can make unrelated general statements that have nothing to do with each other. Plz focus your arguement.

4) ANd on a side note if you pay 32k for a Mach.. your not to smart you can grab 04 Cobras for less than that.
1 & 2) THe point is, there is no point. Don't you get it yet?


1) There's no S197 Cobra yet to clone. GT owners have ALWAYS ripped off SVT, Roush, Saleen, etc. This will not change I already see GT owners with Shelby rear spoilers from knock-off companies, hoods, wheels, and fascias will follow soon enough.

3) Puhleez. The entire S197 line is a tribute/ripoff of the 60s models -you aren't really that dumb are you?

4) Funny. In a couple of years the 03/04 will be even cheaper, while the Mach will likely increase -Not a very wise decision young grasshopper.


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