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Originally Posted by Blk06GT
The point is why buy a V6 if you intend to dump 3k+ in GT clone parts on it. Why not just buy a GT since the price will end up very close to one another.

I have yet to see a 05+ Gt with any GT500 look alike parts even if i did i would understand more since the price between the 2 models is such that most(not all) cant afford one while the same cant be said for the V6-Gt comparison. Even with that statement i dont support any cloning. I do however support customizing.

Ok coyote when you can make a complete arguement and not 3 random statements that have no relevance with the topic at hand we can continue our conversation.

At least Afixer had complete thoughts about the topic at hand a brought some valuable points to the conversation.

And yes i agree the S197 is a retro look that was taken from an earlier model.. WHos disputing that. To call someone dumb you cant even put togther a coherent arguement. And that comparison is flawed to this arguement. No problem in makeing a new model taking design ques from the past that is not cloning a clone is as close to an exact replica as possible. Are you really that slow to make that kind of statement.....

"Funny. In a couple of years the 03/04 will be even cheaper, while the Mach will likely increase -Not a very wise decision young grasshopper. "

Once again a statement that has no bearing on the current arguement.. If i bought a car for simple resale value i wouldnt buy a mustang. And this concept has absolutely nothing to do with my previous statement to afixer.. Plz get it togther.

Someone plz help this guy. At first i was enjoying a friendly adult converation with Afixer now i'm trying to lead you along to a coherent debating process statement-conclusion somehting you so far havent realized.

Happily awaiting the next statment that has little or nothing to do with this conversation.
1) Wondering where are all these GT clones -what specifically are you talking about? There isn't much to take from a GT when you have a six! The only things that I would think about using are the sway-bar and the exhaust. Everything else is crap -you get better/lighter equipment from SVT/Ford Racing . ..

2) Do you have a pic of your car?

3) Where is the "GT Clone-ness" on Afixers car?

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